Merry meet,

My name is Steffani (pronounced like Stephanie) and I am the Caffeine Wiccan which sums up half of my personality. I love coffee and I practice Wicca (an actual religion, no Satan is not involved); I’m also basically a goth chick with blue hair and pretty much the definition of prochoice (I usually don’t care what you do as long as you aren’t hurting yourself or others). I love to read and I am generally reading 4 to 7 books at a time. I love music and I constantly have headphones and a book in my purse. I watch Disney movies and anime a lot, I’ve also been known to have an occasional crush on an animated character. I also really like makeup and trying new colors on my eyes.

I have been married since 2017 and a mom since 2012. My husband is a gamer nerd and was my best friend for over 10 years before we started dating. We had been dating almost a year when we got engaged and married 6 months after that. My son is autistic and has celiac disease. I like to describe him as “quirky”. He’s the happiest most patient kid I’ve ever met. These two men in my life have been the best thing to happen to me. We also have 2 cats, Echo and Kuro. Echo was a stray a friend picked up that my son fell in love with and Kuro we picked up from another friend because she couldn’t house all the kittens. Echo belongs to my son, and Kuro is mine. (Funny story, I named Kuro after my favorite character in the anime Servamp just to find out the kuro is Japanese for “black”; I named my black cat “black”)